More and more female artists are coming into public view, showing that the art world isn’t just a men’s world. Yet some people are criticizing that their works are more like “craft” instead of “art,” which raises several questions. What is art? What is craft? Is the work considered not art just because it looks beautiful? Is beauty disturbing art? Is good craftsmanship hindering female artists? Is it a gender issue? This exhibition invites visitors to think about these questions.

This project includes an exhibition catalogue, posters, and an installation with projection at the entrance of the exhibition to introduce the artists.
In this exhibition, six female contemporary artists are selected from all over the world, including Susanna Bauer, Myriam Dion, Rebecca Louise Law, Shi Hui, Katharine Morling, and Janet Echelman. The scale ranges from 10 inches to 300 feet. Their work explored different materials including leaves, dried flowers, newspaper, rice paper, string, and porcelain. They studied time and space in different ways. Their work might look delicate and fragile, but there is strength in it.

Exhibition Catalogue

Installation with Projection
The six artists are so different in style, so it’s a challenge to introduce them with a single shape. After several experiments, I used a collective shapes of pebbles because of its organic feeling, as if they were in the stream. In this way, each piece could show the work individually, and together, they could show as a whole.

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